Il treno Orient Express 21344 LEGO®

The Orient Express Train 21344 LEGO®

Explore the Charm of the Past with The Orient Express Train 21344 LEGO® with 2540 Pieces

Relive the golden age of train travel with the The Orient Express Train 21344 LEGO®. This extraordinary display model captures the vintage glamour and rich history of the famous steam train. With 2540 pieces, this set provides an engaging building experience that brings to life an icon of railway travel.

Authentic Details

The set features a faithful brick-built reproduction of the locomotive, tender, dining car, and sleeping car, along with the train tracks. Removable roofs allow a detailed view of the interiors, including inlaid panels and a mirror effect above the bed in the first-class compartment of the sleeping car.

Minifigures and Accessories

The LEGO® Ideas Orient Express Train includes 8 minifigures, including a duchess, a conductor, an engineer, a waiter, a stationmaster, a scientist, a writer, and a director – the latter based on the fan designer of the set! Each character is accompanied by assorted accessories, with a porter equipped with a buildable luggage trolley.

Creative Experience

Detailed instructions, included in the package and on the LEGO Builder app, guide adults step by step through an exciting creative experience. This set is part of the LEGO Adults collection, offering high-quality models to satisfy the passions of every enthusiast.

Perfect Gift Idea

With 2540 pieces, the Orient Express Train is the ideal birthday or Christmas gift for train lovers, travel enthusiasts, and history buffs. This collectible train model measures 12 cm in height, 116 cm in length, and 8 cm in width, perfect for building and proudly displaying.

Rich History: The Orient Express Train 21344 LEGO®

The set includes an illustrated booklet that delves into the history of the Orient Express, featuring interviews with the fan designer and LEGO® designers, providing an in-depth look into the creative process behind this fascinating model.

LEGO® Fan Choice

Part of the LEGO® Ideas range, this set was created by a fan designer, voted on by LEGO fans, and produced by the LEGO Group, ensuring superior quality that adheres to rigorous global safety standards.

In Conclusion: The Orient Express Train 21344 LEGO®

The LEGO® Ideas Orient Express 21344 is more than a construction set; it’s a journey into the past, a work of art, and a tribute to the timeless charm of rail travel. Whether you’re a train enthusiast, a travel lover, or a history buff, this set offers an unforgettable building experience that will remain a centerpiece of your LEGO collection. Hop on board and let yourself be carried away by the enchantment of the past!

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