Il Tempio dell’idolo d’oro 77015 LEGO®

Temple of the Golden Idol 77015 LEGO®

Explore Epic Adventures with the LEGO Indiana Jones™ The Temple of the Golden Idol 77015 LEGO® Set

Are you ready to relive the cinematic epic adventure of Indiana Jones™? Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the classic films with the LEGO® set number 77015 – The Temple of the Golden Idol, a detailed masterpiece that celebrates the famous opening scene from “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” With 1545 pieces, this set offers a rewarding building experience and the opportunity to proudly display your creation on a shelf.

Details of the Interactive Cinematic Scene

This LEGO Indiana Jones set features a stunning interactive scene that perfectly captures the essence of the iconic film. The kit includes 4 charming minifigures: Indiana Jones, Satipo, Belloq, and a brave Hovitos warrior. Every detail is carefully designed to bring the on-screen adventure to life.

The model is mounted on an innovative base with 4 knobs, allowing you to lower and illuminate the idol, collapse a wall, swing Indiana Jones hanging from a vine in the cave, open a trapdoor, and witness Indy being chased by a massive boulder. These interactive features add a level of engagement and realism to the set, making it perfect for LEGO building enthusiasts of all ages.

A Project Designed for Adults – The Temple of the Golden Idol 77015 LEGO®

This LEGO Indiana Jones set is more than just a construction; it is a tribute to the iconic character and the epic adventures he has faced. Based on the opening scene of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” this set gives adults the opportunity to celebrate their passion for Indiana Jones through the construction and display of a detailed model of the Temple of the Golden Idol.

A Perfect Gift for Indiana Jones™ Fans

With its design based on one of the most memorable scenes from the films, this set is the ideal gift for die-hard Indiana Jones fans. The 4 minifigures, including the iconic representation of Indiana Jones with his hat and whip, will capture the imagination of anyone who has loved the daring adventures of the famous archaeologist.

Perfect Size for Display

With a height of 21 cm, a width of 51 cm, and a depth of 19 cm, the model is designed to be proudly displayed on a film fan’s shelf. This allows you to add a touch of cinematic nostalgia to any LEGO collection.

A Nostalgic and Safe Journey – The Temple of the Golden Idol 77015 LEGO®

LEGO Indiana Jones models offer a nostalgic journey through the adventures of the first 3 films, allowing adults to share their favorite stories with new generations. The quality of LEGO bricks, renowned for over six decades, ensures that your Temple of the Golden Idol can be easily assembled and disassembled, while rigorous global safety standards guarantee a safe gaming experience for everyone.

Celebrate the epic of Indiana Jones with the LEGO Temple of the Golden Idol set – a construction masterpiece and a passionate tribute to the adventures of one of cinema’s most beloved heroes. Relive iconic moments and create new stories with this extraordinary LEGO set.

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