Montagne Russe 10261 LEGO®

Roller Coaster 10261 LEGO®

Amusement Park Experiences at Your Home: Discover the LEGO® Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261 LEGO® Set

Get ready to capture the thrill and excitement of roller coasters with the LEGO® Creator Expert Roller Coaster Set (10261). This extraordinary fully functional model captures the essence of an amusement park with a chain lift system, two trains, and a wide range of authentic features that make it one of the most fascinating LEGO creations.

A World of Details

This set offers not only the experience of roller coasters but also an entire miniature amusement park. The scene is enriched with a ticket booth, a cotton candy stand, a snack bar, a height measurer, and a covered boarding platform. Details include a classic LEGO brick-built sign, a control panel, trains consisting of three carriages each, low-friction wheels, and a track made up of 44 pieces and seven different track types.

A Miniature of Fun

In addition to the attractions, the set also includes a fountain, a bench for the waiting area, a camera, and even a small pond with a frog. Visitors can purchase tickets and reach the covered square, where adventures inside the amusement park begin.

Human Details

An amusement park would not be complete without staff and visitors. This set includes a total of 11 minifigures, each with rotating heads to express different emotions. The minifigures include a cotton candy seller, two ride attendants, two grandparents with their granddaughters, and five visitors. The precision of the details is also evident in the accuracy of the ride attendant’s height measurer.

Full Throttle

Thanks to the chain lift function, you can get the train rolling. The lift system pulls the train carriages to the top of the first drop, while the brake is released, unleashing a high-speed experience. With the ability to move the tracks to launch a second train, the fun options are limitless.


If you want to take the fun to the next level, you can add the LEGO Power Functions to motorize the lift system or use LEGO BOOST to introduce a motion sensor and realistic sound effects.

A Unique Collector’s Set

With over 4,120 pieces, constructing this model offers a rewarding experience. Decorative elements like tickets, money, arrow-shaped tiles, and many more add a touch of realism.


The Roller Coaster 10261 LEGO® Set is a perfect addition to any LEGO collection and represents an exciting journey into the world of amusement parks. With dimensions of 53 cm in height, 88 cm in width, and 41 cm in depth, this model is designed to capture the hearts of LEGO fans of all ages. Pay tribute to the fun atmosphere and charm of roller coasters with this extraordinary LEGO set.

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