Stazione di Polizia 10278 LEGO®

Police Station 10278 LEGO®

Explore the Mysterious World of Police Station 10278 LEGO®: A Masterpiece of Intrigue and Creative Construction

Embark on a delightful journey into a world of deception, investigations, and doughnuts with the new LEGO® Police Station 10278 set. This 2923-piece model offers an engaging experience and an exciting adventure through detailed construction. Join our review to discover all the secrets hidden behind this captivating kit.

Engaging Construction

With many hours of engaging building, the LEGO Police Station (10278) features a three-story structure with a brick-built staircase winding through detailed removable floors, allowing you to explore the interior in every aspect. The set boasts a truly clever design that provides a perfect building experience for anyone, whether you’re building alone or with the family.

Incredible Details

This incredible set is rich in hidden features and intricate details. With an evidence filing system, a jail cell, an interrogation room, and a chalkboard with red lines connecting the clues, the Police Station is equipped with everything the police need to solve the mystery. The newly introduced pieces will surely capture the attention of adult LEGO fans.

Creative Experience Police Station 10278 LEGO®

The set is part of the LEGO modular buildings collection, offering a challenge for hands and minds. Ideal for crime enthusiasts and adult LEGO fans, the Police Station provides hours of fun and an engaging creative experience. The 5 minifigures, including a 1940s police officer, bring the detailed scenes to life.

Size and Design

With 2923 pieces, the set measures 37 cm in height (including antennas), 25 cm in width, and 25 cm in depth. The extraordinary design and anti-crime features make this set a perfect addition to your LEGO collection.

New Elements and LEGO Quality

Adult fans will be thrilled with the new pieces included in the set, including 2 elements in a very rare “nougat” color, 4 white animal heads for the cornice, and a 2-color inverted arch. LEGO bricks are made with high-quality materials, ensuring uniformity, compatibility, and ease of assembly and disassembly.

In Conclusion Police Station 10278 LEGO®

The LEGO Police Station (10278) set is a masterpiece of design and engineering that captures the imagination of construction-loving adults. With intricate details, fascinating new pieces, and an engaging building experience, this kit is a must for those seeking a creative and fulfilling project. Uncover the mystery, solve the case, and add this extraordinary set to your LEGO collection today!

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