PAC-MAN Arcade 10323 LEGO®

Rekindle Memories of Past Games with the Fantastic Timeless PAC-MAN Arcade 10323 LEGO® Icons Set

Fans of the ’80s and classic video games can now take a trip down memory lane with the PAC-MAN Arcade LEGO® Icons (10323) building set. This exceptional model recreates the iconic maze arcade game that captured the imagination of millions of players worldwide. With 2,651 pieces, this set provides an engaging building experience for adults and an authentic dose of nostalgia.

Retro Details PAC-MAN Arcade 10323 LEGO®

This LEGO® replica is rich in retro design details and fun features. The arcade cabinet includes a 4-way joystick, an illuminated coin slot, and an adjustable game score display. But the real magic lies in the mechanical maze, which simulates the classic chase between PAC-MAN and the ghosts. With a turn of the handle, you’ll be ready for the challenge.

Iconic Characters

In the set, you’ll also find an ’80s arcade scene complete with a gamer minifigure and a display case with the rotatable characters of PAC-MAN, BLINKY, and CLYDE. It will be like stepping back in time and finding yourself in your favorite arcade.

For Solo Players

This premium LEGO adult building set offers an engaging building experience. It’s the perfect gift for retro video game enthusiasts who want to relive the old times.

Dimensions and Functionality

The PAC-MAN arcade cabinet (although non-functional) measures 32 cm in height, 25 cm in width, and 17 cm in depth. Press a button on the display base to change the direction and behavior of the PAC-MAN, BLINKY, and CLYDE figures. And if you want to examine the maze chase mechanism, you can open the back of the cabinet.

Digital Instructions

If you prefer digital building, you can use the LEGO® Builder app, which contains a digital version of the assembly instructions included in the set.

A Set for True Enthusiasts

This LEGO® set is part of a range designed for adults with a passion for classic LEGO bricks.

Quality and Safety PAC-MAN Arcade 10323 LEGO®

For over sixty years, LEGO® bricks have been synonymous with quality. Each element is rigorously tested to ensure a sturdy and safe product.

Revive your childhood memories and rediscover the joy of arcade games with the PAC-MAN Arcade 10323 LEGO® set. Build, play, and relive the unforgettable moments of the ’80s.

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