Museo di Storia Naturale 10326 LEGO®

Natural History Museum 10326 LEGO®

Explore Your Relaxation Space with the Natural History Museum 10326 LEGO® Set

If you’re a LEGO enthusiast with a passion for natural history, science, and museums, then the Natural History Museum 10326 LEGO® set is perfect for you. This exciting addition to the Modular Buildings series is a true masterpiece of engineering and creativity, featuring a total of 4,014 pieces to immerse you in a unique building adventure.

An Iconic Natural History Museum

This exceptional building set is a genuine celebration of natural history and science. The LEGO Icons Natural History Museum is designed with adult enthusiasts of geology, astronomy, science, and dinosaurs in mind. With a range of scientific and natural history artifacts made from bricks, this museum provides a fascinating overview of our world and the universe.

Explore the Museum Brick by Brick

The building experience of this set is incredibly engaging. As you assemble each individual brick, you’ll have the opportunity to bring the museum and its fascinating exhibits to life. From the towering brachiosaurus skeleton in the atrium to the second-floor natural history displays and the space and science objects, every detail has been recreated with great precision.

A Two-Story Museum

The museum is structured across two distinct floors. The first floor houses the natural history exhibits, offering a wide range of captivating artifacts that will capture your imagination. The second floor focuses on space and scientific artifacts, with a separate display that includes references to classic LEGO sets. Additionally, the attic houses the curator’s office, complete with two skylights that allow light to penetrate the building.

Complete Set with Minifigures

To make the experience even more engaging, the set includes 7 minifigures that you can use to create stories and enrich the exhibition. These minifigures add a touch of realism to the museum and allow you to bring your ideas and stories to life.

An Extraordinary Gift

The LEGO Icons Natural History Museum is not only an engaging project for LEGO brick enthusiasts but also an extraordinary birthday gift for lovers of historical and scientific museums. This set provides a unique opportunity to explore natural history and science in a creative and fun way.

Ideal for Adults

This set belongs to the LEGO Modular Buildings series for adults, designed to offer advanced building challenges. The finished model’s dimensions are impressive, with a height of 31 cm, a width of 39 cm, and a depth of 25 cm.

Conclusion Natural History Museum 10326 LEGO®

The Natural History Museum 10326 LEGO® set is a unique opportunity to combine your passion for LEGO building with a love for natural history and science. With iconic details, engaging minifigures, and a breathtaking two-story structure, this set allows you to create your own brick-built museum and proudly display the result. Don’t miss the chance to explore your relaxation space with this incredible LEGO set.

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