Fabbro medievale 21325 LEGO®

Medieval Blacksmith 21325 LEGO®

Explore the Past with the Fantastic and Wonderful Display Set Medieval Blacksmith 21325 LEGO® Ideas

Step into a forgotten era with the magnificent Medieval Blacksmith LEGO® Ideas (21325) set. This exceptional display model offers a complete immersion into the architecture and life of a bygone time. With 2,164 pieces, this set provides hours of creative fun for adults, LEGO® enthusiasts, and model lovers.

A Journey Through Time

This set pays homage to the architectural details of a medieval blacksmith. With a 3-story LEGO®-style building perfectly reproduced, you can explore every corner of this shop from the past. The roof and the 2 upper floors are removable to reveal intricately furnished interiors, including a kitchen and a bedroom, as well as the workshop with all the tools of the time. The garden features an apple tree and a well for added authenticity.

Characters from the Past

The set is completed with 4 minifigures: a blacksmith, an archer, and 2 knights with black falcons. In addition to the minifigures, you’ll find 4 swords, 3 shields, and a halberd. To add further realism, there’s also a posable horse with a buildable cart, a dog, and a frog.

A Unique Gift

This kit is part of a collection of LEGO sets designed to allow adults to relax in a creative way. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves LEGO® or is passionate about modeling, offering an opportunity to build a piece of history and display it with pride.

Extraordinary Details

With dimensions of 27 cm in height, 27 cm in width, and 21 cm in depth, this model is a true masterpiece to photograph and share. It’s an opportunity to experience advanced building in a fun and rewarding way.

LEGO® Safety and Quality

LEGO® bricks meet the highest industry standards, ensuring compatibility, ease of assembly and disassembly. Every element undergoes rigorous safety testing to ensure a reliable and safe product.

Explore the past with the Medieval Blacksmith 21325 LEGO® and discover a new dimension of creative fun. This set will allow you to relive the medieval era authentically and engagingly.

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