Natale nella strada principale 10308 LEGO®

Holiday Main Street 10308 LEGO®

The Magic of Christmas Comes to Life: Discover the Amazing Holiday Main Street 10308 LEGO® Set

Christmas is a season of joy, warmth, and festivity, and what better way to celebrate this magical atmosphere than with the Holiday Main Street 10308 LEGO® set? This exceptional set is part of the renowned LEGO Winter Village Collection and is designed to transport you to an enchanted world where you can build and fully immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit. Let’s explore all the wonders that this set has to offer.

A Snowy Ride

Imagine traveling through snowflakes on a beautifully decorated Christmas-themed tram. With the Main Street Christmas set, you can build every detail of this vehicle, including seats for four minifigures. Moreover, you can make the tram even more special by motorizing it with LEGO Powered Up, tracks, and lights (sold separately).

Spread the Christmas Spirit

The set includes a toy shop and a music store, both with their owners and cozy apartments upstairs. Here, the shop owners can relax after a long day’s work and soak in the Christmas atmosphere. You’ll also find a tram stop and even a child sending a letter to Santa Claus. With four instruction booklets included, the whole family can join in the building and share the joy of Christmas.

A Tradition to Experience Holiday Main Street 10308 LEGO®

With the Main Street Christmas set, you can recreate a complete and traditional Christmas scene. Bring the LEGO Christmas village to life with the six minifigures included in the set: two shoppers, a child writing to Santa Claus, two shop owners, and even a tram driver.

Compatible with Powered Up

If you want to take your LEGO experience to the next level, you can motorize the tram using the LEGO Powered Up system, along with tracks and lights of your choice (sold separately). This will make the tram even more realistic and engaging.

Impressive Dimensions

Once completed, the tram measures 10 cm in height, 17 cm in length, and 7 cm in width, ensuring it becomes a focal point in your Winter Village.

For Adults and Families

The Main Street Christmas set is part of a selection of LEGO sets designed for both adults and families. It’s ideal for sharing the fun of building with friends and relatives or for gifting it to Christmas enthusiasts.

First-Class LEGO Quality

LEGO quality has been a guarantee since 1958. LEGO bricks are made with top-quality materials, are always uniform, compatible with each other, and can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Safety First

Safety and quality are top priorities for LEGO. Each piece undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that the model is sturdy and safe to build and play with.

Conclusion Holiday Main Street 10308 LEGO®

The Holiday Main Street 10308 LEGO® set is a journey into the magic of the holiday season that you won’t want to miss. With accurate details, charming characters, and the option to motorize the tram, this set is perfect for creating your own LEGO Winter Village and fully immersing yourself in the Christmas atmosphere. Make this holiday season unforgettable with this extraordinary and engaging LEGO set.

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