La Grande Piramide di Giza 21058 LEGO®

Great Pyramid of Giza 21058 LEGO®

Relive Antiquity with the Great Pyramid of Giza 21058 LEGO® Set: One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

In the heart of the 26th century BC, an unprecedented engineering marvel rose majestically on the banks of the Nile River in Egypt: the Great Pyramid of Giza. Today, thanks to Great Pyramid of Giza 21058 LEGO®, we can take an incredible leap back in time and build a detailed replica of this ancient masterpiece, along with its surrounding setting.

Detailed Construction

This extraordinary 1476-piece set allows us to explore the Great Pyramid in all its grandeur. Clear instructions guide us step by step as we construct a detailed cross-section of the pyramid. When we lift the outer shell, we can discover the hypothetical system used to move the massive stones during its construction. We observe the king’s and queen’s chambers, as well as the main tunnels, from the rear of the pyramid, offering a unique perspective on this wonder of the ancient world.

An Authentic Atmosphere Great Pyramid of Giza 21058 LEGO®

But we don’t stop there. The set also includes a detailed panorama of the area surrounding the Great Pyramid of Giza. There are two LEGO brick versions of feluccas, the ancient Egyptian boats that sailed the Nile. Additionally, we will find two small pyramids, mortuary temples, Sphinx statues, the workers’ village, and even an obelisk. These details give the set an authentic atmosphere that truly immerses us in ancient Egypt.

An Extraordinary Gift

This LEGO Architecture set is much more than just a hobby. It is an extraordinary gift for architecture enthusiasts, history buffs, and travelers, or for anyone who has visited or wishes to visit the Great Pyramid. It’s a way to bring home a piece of Egyptian history and culture.

Build, Display, and Connect Great Pyramid of Giza 21058 LEGO®

Once completed, the model stands at a height of 20 cm, a width of 35 cm, and a depth of 32 cm. It can be proudly displayed in your home as an authentic piece of art. Furthermore, if you want to expand your Egyptian adventure, you can connect this model to a second set.

Creative Building Journey

Building this set is not just a pastime but an engaging and rewarding journey that provides a sense of relaxation and accomplishment. Every step is carefully designed to ensure the experience is fulfilling for builders of all levels of experience.

Step-by-Step Guide and Historical Information

The set includes a booklet with illustrated instructions that make construction a stress-free experience. Additionally, you will find information about the history of the Great Pyramid of Giza and how LEGO designers created this accurate and fascinating model.

Premium Adult Collectibles

Set 21058 is part of a collection of LEGO Architecture kits for adults. These sets are designed for enthusiasts who enjoy relaxing with high-quality hands-on activities. LEGO components meet rigorous industry standards to ensure an easy and safe building experience.

Safety Assurance

LEGO bricks and pieces undergo rigorous tests, including drop tests, heating, crushing, and twisting, to ensure they meet the highest global safety standards. You can build with confidence knowing that quality and safety are paramount.

In conclusion, the LEGO Architecture Great Pyramid of Giza 21058 LEGO® Set is a unique opportunity to explore ancient Egypt through the creative fun of building. With its attention to detail and history, it’s an ideal gift for culture, history, and architecture enthusiasts. Build, display, and be transported back in time with this extraordinary LEGO set.

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