L'inseguimento dell'aereo a elica 77012 LEGO®

Fighter Plane Chase 77012 LEGO®

Explore Epic Adventures with the LEGO Indiana Jones™ Fighter Plane Chase 77012 LEGO® Set

The Fighter Plane Chase 77012 LEGO® set brings the magic of Indiana Jones movies to life, allowing children to relive the thrilling adventures of the renowned archaeologist and his epic aerial pursuit. With 387 pieces, this playset provides a rewarding building experience and a creative gaming world for children aged 8 and up.

Key Features of the Set

The set includes a brilliant fighter plane with a propeller, 2 shooters, and removable wings, along with a vintage convertible car. The car features a trunk at the back containing an umbrella and a gun, adding a touch of detail and realism to the gaming experience.

Relive the Magic of The Fighter Plane Chase 77012 LEGO®

The set features 3 iconic minifigures – Indiana Jones with his famous whip, Professor Henry Jones Sr.™ with a diary, and the plane pilot. This allows children to recreate the famous chase scene from the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” bringing cinematic adventures to life on the gaming table.

Inspiring Construction

LEGO Indiana Jones playsets are an exciting way for parents to share bold adventures from the first 3 films of the franchise with their children. The rewarding construction sets the stage for engaging action play with cars, planes, and temples, providing a unique opportunity for family connection.

Perfect Gift for Children

With 387 pieces, this set is an ideal gift for children aged 8 and up. Perfect for birthdays or Christmas, the toy offers a building and gaming experience that can be shared with parents or friends.

Portable Play The Fighter Plane Chase 77012 LEGO®

Measuring 5 cm in height, 13 cm in length, and 6 cm in width, the set is perfectly portable. Children can enjoy adventures anywhere, at home or with friends, ensuring limitless fun.

Thrilling Adventures

LEGO Indiana Jones toys take parents on a nostalgic journey while introducing their children to the action-packed stories of the first 3 films through a variety of fantastic playsets. Each LEGO brick is designed with the high quality that has characterized the brand for over six decades, ensuring easy assembly and disassembly.

Safety First

LEGO bricks meet rigorous global safety standards, providing parents with peace of mind that their children are playing with a high-quality and safe product.

In summary, the LEGO Indiana Jones™ 77012 – The Fighter Plane Chase 77012 LEGO® set offers an engaging gaming experience inspired by the epic adventures of the films, creating a bridge between generations through building and action.

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