Festa del ritrovo familiare 80113 LEGO®

Family Reunion Celebration 80113 LEGO®

Family Reunion Celebration 80113 LEGO® – A Traditional Chinese Building and Playing Experience!

Celebrate culture and festive vibes with the Family Reunion Celebration 80113 LEGO® set, a vibrant expression of Traditional Chinese Festivals. Aimed at children aged 8 and above, this 1823-piece set transports you to a world of joy and celebration, offering an engaging and detail-rich building experience.

Authentic Experience

At the heart of this set is a meticulously designed traditional Chinese-style restaurant, crafted for easy accessibility and rich gameplay details. Take a closer look: the authentically detailed kitchen, reception area, and a vibrant dining hall complete with a karaoke stage for unforgettable evenings.

Celebratory Atmosphere Family Reunion Celebration 80113 LEGO®

The restaurant’s roof adds a romantic touch with an outdoor dining area, perfect for celebrating the Year of the Dragon. A table for two, hanging lanterns, and fireworks create the perfect setting for an immersive experience.

Details and Accessories

In addition to the restaurant, the set includes a buildable flower shop, a street food cart, and a dim sum cart, stimulating creative play and offering endless storytelling possibilities.

Inclusion of Minifigures

With 13 minifigures, including family members, waitstaff, and an exclusive character in Year of the Dragon costume, this set captures the essence of family gatherings and the Chinese New Year authentically and engagingly.

A Cultural and Educational Gift

It’s a perfect gift idea for young builders and traditional festival enthusiasts. Complete the LEGO Traditional Chinese Festivals collection, allowing children to explore and celebrate cultural diversity through play.

Expand the Possibilities

This set not only provides an engaging play experience but also an educational opportunity. Interactive instructions in the LEGO Builder app and traditional representations of the Spring Festival enrich the building and learning process.

Build, Play, and Expand

With dimensions of 24 cm in height, 29 cm in width, and 15 cm in depth, this Chinese-style traditional restaurant model lends itself to building, playing, and displaying, inviting you to experience the festival at any time.

In Conclusion, Family Reunion Celebration 80113 LEGO®

The Family Reunion Celebration 80113 LEGO® set offers an engaging and educational experience that authentically and playfully celebrates Chinese cultural traditions. It’s a perfect gift for those who love to build, play, and immerse themselves in new adventures!

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