Fuga dalla tomba perduta 77013 LEGO®

Escape from the Lost Tomb 77013 LEGO®

Explore the Fantastic Adventures of Indiana Jones™ with the Escape from the Lost Tomb 77013 LEGO® Set

If you’re searching for an exciting gift for children aged 8 and up, the LEGO® Escape from the Lost Tomb Building Set (77013), inspired by the film “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” is the perfect choice. With 600 pieces, this playset offers an engaging and action-packed experience that captures the essence of Indiana Jones’ adventures.

Recreate Cinematic Excitement

The set allows children to relive the excitement of the film “Raiders of the Lost Ark” through a detailed and faithful construction to the franchise. The inclusive temple features 2 imposing statues, an intriguing secret passage, and even a frightening mummy. Additionally, realistic snakes hide and peek through the wall, adding a touch of suspense to every adventure.

Iconic and Detailed Minifigures Escape from the Lost Tomb 77013 LEGO®

The set includes 4 charming minifigures: Indiana Jones with his distinctive hat and whip, Marion Ravenwood™, Sallah™, and a mummy. The inclusion of the Ark of the Covenant allows children to recreate the famous escape scene from the film, adding further value to the set.

Interactive Adventures with Fun Features

The playset offers interactive features that make the gaming experience even more engaging. The Anubis statue can fall, breaking a wall and revealing a secret passage where a mummy appears, frightening Indiana Jones in his escape. These dynamic features allow children to fully immerse themselves in the adventures of Indiana Jones.

An Unforgettable Gift Escape from the Lost Tomb 77013 LEGO®

With a package containing 600 pieces, this set is an ideal gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, or special occasions. Building and playing with parents or friends add a social and educational element, creating lasting memories.

Portability and LEGO® Quality

The set measures 16 cm in height, 22 cm in length, and 21 cm in depth, making it ideal for both home play and taking it with you to friends’ houses. The quality of LEGO® bricks, renowned for over six decades, ensures that the set can be assembled and disassembled easily without compromising durability over time.

Nostalgic Adventures with LEGO® Safety

LEGO® Indiana Jones™ toys take parents on a nostalgic journey, allowing their children to explore the action-packed stories of the first 3 films with fantastic playsets. Moreover, LEGO® bricks meet rigorous global safety standards, ensuring a safe and rewarding gaming experience for children. Gift limitless fun with the LEGO® Escape from the Lost Tomb Set – an unforgettable journey into the world of Indiana Jones™!

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