Downtown 60380 LEGO®

Downtown 60380 LEGO®

Explore a 3D World with the Downtown 60380 LEGO® Set: A Multi-Functional Building Adventure!

Let your imagination soar with the Downtown LEGO® City 60380 set. This exciting modular playset offers a world of possibilities with a wide range of buildings and activities, perfectly capturing the vibrant spirit of a bustling city. With a massive 2010 pieces, this set is designed for LEGO builders of all ages, providing an unparalleled gaming and building experience.

Explore Your 3D World Downtown 60380 LEGO®

A unique feature of this set is the LEGO Builder app, a “digital assistant” that gives children the ability to zoom in, rotate, and view the models from every angle during construction. This interactive app allows you to follow the building process, explore, and even save virtual playsets, bringing your LEGO world into an engaging three-dimensional experience.

A Reality-Based World Downtown 60380 LEGO®

LEGO City sets are known for their realistic models and engaging characters, offering open-ended and infinitely creative play. This Downtown set is no exception, allowing children to express their creativity through real-life-inspired stories and adventures, making play both fun and educational.

A Multi-Functional Playset

The Downtown LEGO City set features numerous combinable modular rooms, including a barbershop, a veterinary clinic, a blogging studio, a rooftop disco, a comic book store, a tech shop, the janitor’s room, a hotel, and much more. Additionally, you’ll find a park, a street food area, and 14 fascinating minifigures.

Limitless Imaginative Play

With a LEGO road baseplate included, the Downtown set is designed for connection to other sets in the LEGO City range, allowing builders to further expand their world and create ever-evolving adventures.

Engaging Details and Accessories

This set is filled with engaging details, and the minifigure accessories include tools and everyday items, including a violin, a scooter, a brush, a pizza, a rolling pin, a whisk, and much more.

LEGO Reliability and Safety

Since 1958, LEGO bricks have been synonymous with quality and reliability. Every LEGO component undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring it is sturdy, compatible, and fun to build.

Embark on an epic building and gaming adventure with the Downtown 60380 LEGO® City set and give your “everyday hero” an unparalleled experience that will stimulate their creativity and imagination!

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