Category: DC

DC is one of the world’s most important comic book publishers, known for its captivating stories, iconic superheroes, and infamous supervillains. With LEGO® DC sets, you can immerse yourself in the vast DC universe and provide fans of comics and all ages with a fantastic experience. You can bring your favorite hero or supervillain to life in famous cities like Metropolis™, Gotham City™, Star City™, Central City™, and many more. With LEGO DC minifigures and sets, you can unleash your creativity and play with a wide range of famous heroes from classic comics, TV series, and action films, including Batman™, Superman™, Wonder Woman™, Flash™, Aquaman™, Green Lantern™, Justice League™, and many others. This collection offers suitable gifts for children aged 6 and up and adult collectors aged 18 and up who love the DC universe. If you can never get enough of the world of superheroes, you can also explore our action-packed adventure books for an even deeper immersion into the DC world.