Battaglia sulla torre degli Avengers 76166 LEGO®

Avengers Tower Battle 76166 LEGO®

Explore the Epic Battle on the Avengers Tower with the LEGO® Avengers Tower Battle Set 76166

The LEGO® Marvel Avengers: Avengers Tower Battle 76166 LEGO® set is an exhilarating experience that puts the action of superhero battles directly into the hands of children. With 685 pieces, this build offers an extraordinary adventure inside and outside the spectacular 5-story tower of the Marvel Avengers.

Details, Features, Action, and Adventure

Immerse yourself in a world of details, engaging features, and epic action as superheroes Iron Man and Black Widow face the evil Red Skull and his A.I.M. agents. The tower opens up to reveal 7 incredible environments, allowing children to embark on endless creative adventures. From the energy core detonation to the balcony collapse and rocket attack, this set provides a variety of options to stimulate players’ imaginations.

Bring Marvel Action to Life with LEGO®

LEGO® Marvel Avengers buildable toys bring life and action directly into the hands of children. This set is the perfect gift for a child aged 8 and up, passionate about superheroes, collectible minifigures, and hours of guaranteed fun. The 5-story tower and 7 detailed environments offer a fertile ground for role-playing with classic Marvel characters.

Extraordinary Details and Exclusive Minifigures

The set includes extraordinary details such as Black Widow’s Sky Cycle garage, the Arc Reactor room, the armory, the tech lab, the prison, and 2 balconies. Additionally, the Iron Man minifigure comes with 2 additional armors: Blazer and Tazer. The openable structure allows easy access to a play space spread across 5 floors, offering stimulating details like a prison that opens with an explosion and a collapsible balcony.

Perfect Gift and Easy to Assemble

With its 44 cm height, the LEGO® Marvel Avengers tower offers interesting features and iconic environments from Marvel films. Without requiring batteries, this set provides hours of hands-on and creative fun as soon as the box is opened. Clear and simple instructions allow children to start building and playing immediately, ensuring a rewarding experience every time they play.

LEGO® Avengers Tower Battle 76166 Quality Standards

LEGO® Marvel Avengers construction sets adhere to the highest industry standards. Uniform quality, compatibility, and perfect assembly are guaranteed, maintaining the tradition of excellence since 1958. Subjected to rigorous safety tests, the elements and bricks are designed to withstand drops, heating, crushing, and twisting, ensuring safe and high-quality play.

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