Piazza dell'Assemblea 10255 LEGO®

Assembly Square 10255 LEGO®

Explore the Magical Assembly Square 10255 LEGO®: A Modular Masterpiece to Celebrate 10 Years of Creativity!

Welcome to the fascinating world of LEGO® 10255 Assembly Square, an extraordinary set designed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of LEGO® Creator Expert modular buildings. With a whopping 4002 pieces, this set provides an engaging building experience and a stunning final result. Let’s discover together the extraordinary features that make this set a unique masterpiece.

Product Description

Assembly Square is a three-level building with an authentic and detailed facade, intricate windows, and refined doors. The structure is adorned with three buildable signs, a tower with spires, and an ornate roofline. The building experience allows you to explore the Square from the outside, with a tiled sidewalk, café tables and chairs, a fountain, street lamps, and a truly impressive facade.

Interior Features

The set offers a detailed interior spread across three floors. On the ground floor, you’ll find a bakery with every detail, from an openable oven to a wedding cake and assorted pastries. Next door, a florist with gardening tools, floral arrangements, and even a blue and yellow parrot. The café completes the ground floor with a coffee machine, counter, and bench.

The second level features a music store with buildable instruments, a photo studio with a classic camera, and a fully equipped dental studio with a reclining chair, waiting room, phone, and sink.

The top floor surprises with a dance studio, a detailed apartment with a kitchen, a fold-out sofa bed, and access to a rooftop terrace with a barbecue, table, and potted plant.

Minifigures and Accessories

The set includes eight minifigures, each with their profession, including a dentist, barista, baker, and dancer. Accessories include a ballerina tutu, a Chihuahua, a pretzel, an ornamental chicken, and sweets. Elements like a buildable phone, grill, stroller, and buildable lamps further enrich the gaming experience.

Exclusive and Collectible Details

Assembly Square features unique decorated elements, such as the dentist’s torso, the dentist’s window, and the 2×3 tile with the coffee corner facade from set 10182. Additionally, the set includes curved and angled tiles, garage doors used as windows, and LEGO® Technic excavator buckets used as roof elements, making it an irresistible collectible.

Celebrate the Tenth Anniversary

This extraordinary set was launched as a novelty for spring 2017 and offers a special way to celebrate the tenth anniversary of LEGO® modular buildings. Collect and build your city with other sets from the Creator Expert series, such as the Parisian Restaurant, Detective’s Office, and the Bank.

Assembly Square 10255 LEGO® Dimensions

Measuring 35 cm in height, 38 cm in width, and 25 cm in depth, Assembly Square is an imposing addition to any LEGO® collection.

In Conclusion, Assembly Square 10255 LEGO®

In summary, the LEGO® 10255 Assembly Square set is a masterpiece of design and engineering that captures the essence of LEGO® modular constructions. With intricate details, hidden surprises, and a variety of accessories, this set offers hours of creative fun for LEGO® enthusiasts of all ages. Whether you’re a collector or a passionate builder, Assembly Square is an exceptional choice that adds a touch of magic to every collection.

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